Add tons of variety to your Spring Wall (Tower or Cadillac) workouts. You'll learn how to adapt exercises, performed on other pieces of Pilates equipment and in the fitness world, for the Spring Wall.  This workshop will provide you with a full-body, balanced, program that's great for any intermediate or advanced level client.  The workshop also includes variations and unique exercises that can be added to any routine.



  • Experience a full intermediate / advanced fitness- based program on the Spring Wall (can be adapted for the Tower and Cadillac).
  • Learn the proper form, biomechanics, regressions and progressions to new and traditional exercises.
  • Understand and learn how to program for clients that are skilled athletes and fit individuals seeking a Pilates practice to enhance their performance.


  • Present a full program filled with great new exercises for those clients that need and are ready for challenge in strength and body awareness.
  • Discuss the exercises in terms of who they are most valuable for, who they might be contraindicated for, and how to program the exercises into specific workouts.
  • Show creative programming with both traditional and non-traditional exercises on the Reformer.

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About John Garey

John is the creator of John Garey TV—the most comprehensive online Pilates and Training Studio available. With over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry and 25 years of teaching Pilates, John not only reaches thousands online but has delivered his teachings to students and other instructors in over 20 countries worldwide. John is a sought after Teacher, Mentor, Speaker, and Trainer.

John earned his Master’s Degree in Physical Education from New York University. He’s studied extensively with Pilates legends such as Moira Merrithew, Elizabeth Larkham and Rael Isacowitz. He is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, as well as a certified Personal Trainer from the American Council on Exercise. John created programs and workouts for some of the biggest names in Pilates and Fitness while also starring in hundreds of Fitness and Pilates videos. He has contributed to and appeared in many international publications, including Pilates Style Magazine, Men's Fitness, Shape, and GQ.


We will send you a Zoom Link for the workshop 48 hours before as well as the workbook.


  • This workshop counts for 2 NPCP CEC's. You will receive the CEC certificate within three days of attending.
  • Can't make it live? The workshop will be recorded and made available for 30 days. If you are not attending the workshop live, you will still be eligible to receive CEC's but will have to take a quiz to prove participation after watching the recorded workshop.
  • As to not miss out on the live teaching element, please ensure your zoom, computer and video are working properly prior to the workshop.
  • This is a lecture demo and you can follow along with John as he teaches. If you have access to a reformer feel free to follow along with him.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]